Bathroom Tapware: What Are the Different Types?

Bathroom Tapware: What Are the Different Types?

Tapware is essential to any bathroom, controlling water flow to the sink, shower, and bathtub. With the right bathroom tapware, you can easily control the flow of water, create a beautiful and functional space, and enhance your overall bathroom experience. And with so many different types of bath tapware available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. So, this article will explore other washroom tapware, including mono basin mixer taps, bath shower mixer taps, thermostatic mixer taps, wall-mounted taps, freestanding taps, bidet taps, and deck-mounted taps. And in the later section, this article will also discuss the key considerations to remember when choosing tapware for your bathroom, such as style, design, functionality, and size.

Mono Basin Mixer Taps

  • What is it: A mono basin mixer tap has a single lever that controls the water flow and temperature.
  • Features: Versatile, suitable for most bathroom sink styles, and easy to use with a single lever.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

  • What is it: A bath shower mixer tap has both a spout and a shower head, allowing for the option to wash hands or take a shower in the bathtub.
  • Features: Convenient, saves space compared to separate shower and sink fixtures.

Thermostatic Mixer Taps

  • What is it: A thermostatic mixer tap maintains a consistent water temperature, even with multiple fixtures.
  • Features: Safe and stable water temperature, ideal for families with young children or those with specific temperature needs.

Wall-Mounted Taps

  • What is it: Wall-mounted taps are installed directly onto the wall, freeing up counter space in the bathroom.
  • Features: Space-saving, sleek design, easy to install.

Freestanding Taps

  • What is it: Freestanding taps are designed to sit on the floor beside the bathtub.
  • Features: Elegant and stylish, ideal for larger bathroom spaces.

Bidet Taps

  • What is it: Bidet taps are designed specifically for use with bidets.
  • Features: Available in wall-mounted or freestanding styles, designed for use with bidets.

Deck-Mounted Taps

  • What is it: Deck-mounted taps are installed onto the deck or rim of a bathtub.
  • Features: Convenient, stylish solution for those who prefer to wash in the bathtub.

Tapware offers a range of options for controlling water flow in the bathroom. And from mono basin mixer taps to freestanding taps, there is a style and design to suit every taste and budget. Therefore, when choosing bathroom tapware, it is essential to consider your home’s needs and the water pressure to select the right product for your bathroom. In addition, you must consider the following things when choosing:

1. Consider the Water Pressure

Ensure that the tapware you choose is suitable for your home’s water pressure. And if you have low water pressure, opt for tapware designed explicitly for that.

2. Match Style with Bathroom Design

Choose tapware that complements the overall style of your bathroom. Many types are available, from sleek and modern to traditional and ornate.

3. Think about Functionality

Consider your specific needs when choosing tapware. For instance, if you need a tap for washing hands, a mono basin mixer tap will suffice, but if you want to shower in the bathtub, consider a bath shower mixer tap.

4. Choose the Right Size

Make sure the tapware is appropriate for your bathroom. A small sink may look out of place with large, imposing taps.

5. Consider Installation Requirements

Make sure you have the right tools and skills to install the tapware you choose. Some tapware may require professional installation, while the homeowner can install others.

By following these tips, you can choose the right washroom tapware for your needs, create a functional and stylish space, and enjoy a comfortable and convenient bathroom experience for years to come!

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