Can Turmeric Make Your Workouts Better?

Can Turmeric Make Your Workouts Better?

In the fiscal year 2022, 49% of Australians in the 18-24 age bracket attended gymnasiums and fitness clubs. Of all the spices the world has known, turmeric might be the one having a moment. Having been a staple in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, turmeric has recently been popular globally. You can find this spice in many forms, in your curry, as a powder, in its root form, and so much more. Apart from food, turmeric in Australia is also found in supplements.  

Turmeric as a supplement need not surprise you because many cultures have already used it for its medicinal value for centuries. In fact, including turmeric in your diet can make your workouts so much better. 

Turmeric for Health 

Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have made a significant impact on the spice’s popularity. Harnessing these properties by consuming a small amount of this spice is easier than investing in any expensive prescription. So, why does turmeric make exercising easier?

Reduces Post-Workout Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric that makes it a wonderful solution for irritated skin, heart disease, and other ailments also helps reduce inflammation and pain after a workout. The active form of turmeric, called curcumin, is a potent antioxidant with inflammation-reducing abilities that can make it easier for your body to recover after a strenuous session at the gym. Even though inflammation is a natural process, having turmeric to reduce the discomfort experienced can make training easier for you.

A Friend for Joints and Muscles

This one is for all those who worry about their bodies in the long run. Whether you are an athlete who trains hard or hits the gym occasionally, wear and tear in the joints will come along later in life. Curcumin has been proven effective in stunting that process, slowing the progress of muscle and joint degradation. Even for people suffering from arthritic pain, turmeric promotes joint health. 

There even was a study done on athletes which showed that having curcumin supplements helped in reducing muscle soreness drastically. However, there is still a definite answer on when the supplement should be taken to enjoy maximum benefits or whether a workout might show better results after curcumin supplements. But, it is evident that consuming the supplement effectively keeps the muscles and joints in the best condition. 

More Antioxidants 

The importance of antioxidants needs no more promotion these days. If you feel you need to perform better while working out, turmeric can help you there. The antioxidant property of the spice is strong enough to ward off Alzheimer’s, cancer, and depression. This proves that it can help you combat muscle damage and fatigue after exercising. A regimen of exercise that involves turmeric supplements means that your body enjoys strengthened muscles and bones. 

Final Thoughts 

Unlike many healthy foods that cannot be easily incorporated into regular diets, turmeric’s versatility makes it easier to consume. From Indian restaurants in Victoria to coffee shops in Melbourne, you can easily find something with turmeric in Australia. You can also whip up salads, smoothies, and quick bites, including turmeric, even in cramped student housing in New South Wales. If turmeric’s bright yellow in food puts you off, you can always opt for a curcumin capsule after training. 

The therapeutic effects of turmeric are slowly getting the recognition it deserves. Considering the many benefits of the spice, using it to recover better and more efficiently post-workout is worth trying.

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