Choosing The Right Location For Your Event

There are a lot of choices to be made while planning an event, but the one with the most influence is where the event takes place. The event’s date, speaker roster, food, and overall success heavily rely on the venue and location you choose for corporate venue hire in Sydney. Sydney is home to several stunning, world-class meeting spaces. Search and browse over 256 conference venues and event halls in Sydney, each with all necessary amenities and additional services. Is this a little scary? That’s not how you should be feeling. Here is a layout of some suggestions on when to make choices, what to think about, and how to improve.

How To Get Started Seeking A Location?

If possible, sooner is always preferable. Once you have a firm grasp on your spending limit, anticipated attendance, and space needs, you can begin your venue search. If you want enough time to book excellent speakers, make an event website and program, sell tickets, interact with guests, and more, you should book a location at least eight months in advance.


Locations easily accessible by public transportation are ideal for a local event since guests will travel from a wider area. It is preferable to have the event close to the airport or the hotels where many guests will be staying if they come from out of town. In any case, plan for traffic, public transit, and parking. Presenting guests with a mobile event app is a must if you want to reduce the number of people who show up late. Provide your guests with maps, driving instructions, and parking/shuttle information so they can relax and enjoy themselves at your event. Using maps with pins is helpful if the event is located inside a big campus or institution. Attendees may find interactive interior maps particularly useful during events that include exhibits, posters, or concurrent sessions.

Does the venue have valet parking or a parking lot? Imagine your wildest parking lot party fantasies realised at this location. However, if that isn’t possible, you should investigate whether or not there are any nearby parking lots that guests may utilise. If there’s somewhere to park, you are still in luck; there are still options. You can include the cost of parking into the price of tickets or have people pay for parking on the day of the event.

Facilities And Services

Will the location be able to supply food for your event, and if so, do they have a kitchen? If so, the venue could ask for a down payment and the cost of meals per person rather than the whole facility price. If your venue doesn’t have a kitchen, they may have a contracted catering service that you must utilise; it’s a good idea to sample their offerings in advance. For the sake of your guests, choose a location that provides excellent catering or permits the use of outside caterers.

Have you checked whether it has usable table space, seating, and linens? Save yourself time and money by using the venue’s existing furnishings and decorations if they fit your event’s aesthetic needs. Is there a team that comes in before and after to set up and clean up? You should celebrate if your venue gives a team to help you set up and take down. The opposite is often true. If you can’t get these things done, you’ll have to put together a staff or rely on volunteers. Do audio/video features work on it? Locations may provide their AV amenities or ask that you provide your own.


Because of this, it is clear that there are many factors to consider before settling on a location for your corporate venue hire in Sydney. Nonetheless, if you keep the above in mind when searching, you will locate the ideal location for your gathering. After settling on a date and location, the next step is promoting the event, selling tickets, and interacting with those attending.

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