Interesting Things About an Ecigar You Did Not Know

Interesting Things About an Ecigar You Did Not Know

Are you trying to quit smoking right now? Or are you interested in vaping with friends? You are not alone; many people enjoy either smoking or vaping. However, the latter is considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and actually, it is a trending habit right now in many parts of the world.

One of the options is vaping an ecigar. This is best suited for people who are trying to ditch smoking old classic cigars and looking for a healthier and more modern alternative. The device is an electronic vape that looks like a cigar, and in most cases, they are disposable. 

Because you are new to vaping an ecigar, we will give you important insights to help you make the right decisions. 

How Does an Ecigar Resemble a Classic Cigar?

A classic tobacco cigar contains rolled fermented tobacco from various regions. For instance, Canadian premium tobacco is very popular around the world, just like Cuban tobacco. On the other hand, an ecigar is a modernized electronic device that uses vape juice. 

Although a traditional cigar is considered rich in flavor because it uses real tobacco, an ecigar is equally good when it is legit, from a reliable manufacturer and seller, and paired with a high-quality vape juice. Actually, you should try an ecigar from ePuffer to experience this. 

Basically, a cigar vape pen is supposed to give the same experience as a traditional cigar or even better because vapers can control the device to suit their desired experience. Some of the controls include temperature regulation, nicotine level control, and the amount of vape juice to use at a time. 

Types of Ecigars to Try

Would you like to try an ecigar for the first time? Whether you are completely new to tobacco products or trying to switch from smoking conventional tobacco, you can enjoy an ecigar or any other electronic cigarette of your choice. Here are the popular types.

  • Disposable ecigar – a disposable cigar e-cig is considered the best for people who are looking for an experience that is similar to using a real cigar. Although it is electronic, it resembles the traditional cigar in design and color and comes prefilled with professionally balanced tobacco-flavored vape juice.
  • Reusable ecigar – On the other hand, you can use rechargeable and refillable e-cigars. They are in the category of vape mods, and vapers can choose the design, color, and features that suit their needs. A refillable e-cigar gives vapers the option of using the vape juice of their choice. 

How to Buy an Ecigar

Choosing the best ecigar can be confusing in a market with many options, for both beginners and seasoned vapers alike. However, you do not need a detailed guide to know that buying from a reliable source is the best option. Check the reviews of the best sellers and choose one that can deliver the best ecigars and accessories to your destination without a hitch.


Now that you know important insights about an ecigar, it is time to make the right decisions. You can use this product whether you are switching from traditional smoking or just starting with tobacco products. 

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