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Who is Kellyanne Conway Dating?

When it comes to the personal lives of public figures, curiosity often gets the best of us. Kellyanne Conway, a prominent political figure and former counselor to President Donald Trump, is no exception. As a key player in the Trump administration, Conway’s personal life has been a subject of interest for many. In this article, we will delve into the question of who Kellyanne Conway is dating, providing valuable insights and shedding light on this intriguing topic.

The Background of Kellyanne Conway

Before we dive into the details of Conway’s dating life, let’s first understand who she is and her journey to becoming a well-known political figure. Kellyanne Conway, born on January 20, 1967, in Atco, New Jersey, is a Republican strategist and pollster. She gained national recognition during the 2016 United States presidential election when she served as the campaign manager for Donald Trump.

Prior to her involvement in the Trump campaign, Conway had an extensive career in political consulting. She founded The Polling Company Inc./WomanTrend, a market research and consulting firm, in 1995. Over the years, she has worked with numerous high-profile clients, including politicians, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Kellyanne Conway’s Personal Life

Now that we have a better understanding of Conway’s professional background, let’s shift our focus to her personal life. Conway has been married to George T. Conway III since April 28, 2001. George Conway, a lawyer and outspoken critic of Donald Trump, has made headlines for his public disagreements with his wife’s former boss.

George Conway, born on September 2, 1963, in Boston, Massachusetts, is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. He has had a successful legal career, working at prestigious law firms and serving as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Despite his professional achievements, George Conway is perhaps best known for his vocal criticism of President Trump on social media and in op-eds.

The Relationship Between Kellyanne and George Conway

The relationship between Kellyanne and George Conway has been a subject of fascination for many, given their differing political views. While Kellyanne was a loyal supporter and defender of President Trump, George has been a vocal critic of the former president’s policies and behavior.

Despite their political differences, the couple has managed to maintain their marriage for over two decades. In interviews, Kellyanne has emphasized the importance of respecting each other’s opinions and finding common ground in their personal lives.

It is worth noting that the Conways’ relationship faced additional strain during the Trump administration due to George’s public criticisms of the president. This led to speculation about the state of their marriage and whether they would be able to reconcile their differing views.

Recent Developments

In August 2020, George Conway announced that he would be stepping back from his role in the Lincoln Project, a political action committee formed by anti-Trump Republicans. This decision was reportedly made to focus on his family and marriage.

Since leaving the Trump administration in August 2020, Kellyanne Conway has kept a relatively low profile. She has made occasional media appearances but has largely stayed out of the public eye. This has led to speculation about her future plans and whether she will return to the political arena.


While Kellyanne Conway’s professional achievements and political career have been widely discussed, her personal life, particularly her marriage to George Conway, has also garnered significant attention. Despite their differing political views, the Conways have managed to maintain their marriage for over two decades. Their ability to navigate their differences serves as a reminder that relationships can thrive even in the face of political disagreements.

As Kellyanne Conway continues to shape her future outside of the Trump administration, it will be interesting to see how her personal life evolves. Whether she chooses to reenter the political arena or pursue other endeavors, one thing is certain – Kellyanne Conway’s impact on American politics and public discourse is far from over.


1. Is Kellyanne Conway still married?

Yes, Kellyanne Conway is still married to George T. Conway III. They have been married since April 28, 2001.

2. Who is George Conway?

George Conway is a lawyer and the husband of Kellyanne Conway. He gained prominence for his vocal criticism of President Donald Trump.

3. What is Kellyanne Conway’s professional background?

Kellyanne Conway is a Republican strategist and pollster. She founded The Polling Company Inc./WomanTrend, a market research and consulting firm, in 1995.

4. How long did Kellyanne Conway work for President Trump?

Kellyanne Conway served as a counselor to President Donald Trump from January 20, 2017, to August 23, 2020.

5. Are Kellyanne and George Conway still together?

Yes, Kellyanne and George Conway are still together. Despite their political differences, they have managed to maintain their marriage for over two decades.